Nov 16, 2004

Alright, this is the python release. Now with much improved python support, along with fixing some other scripting issues. I'll post some example python scripts later.


Nov 09, 2004

Alright, 1 day, two releases. this one is mainly a polish release. not a lot of new features. maybe it will be released as 0.4 in a few days if nobody has any issues with it.

Nov 08, 2004

Another pre-release. This should be by far the best warlock yet. We're coming up on 0.4. Most of the big features are done. Just need a little polish for 0.4. New in this release is a better sge thing, \S in macros to save the contents of the entry, \R to restore the saved contents, and a bunch of bug fixes. Oh, almost forgot. Warlock doesn't abort on unrecognized codes now and the connect/disconnect menu items work. and there's a .desktop file

Oct 26, 2004

So what's new? some bugfixes, as always. probably more in this release than in most. the highlights dialog got lots of attention. You can have 8 extra colors per highlight now. I'm probably going to drop that to 4 for the release. If anyone is against that, please send me an email. Also some more codes for GS are support. If you get crashes, please notify me. I'm going to be changing the behavior on getting an unknown code for 0.4. I'll popup a dialog asking you to notify me. Also scripting should be more compatible now. If you are having specific problems with it, please let me know. The profile dialog is going to be rewritten for 0.4. Don't bother reporting any bugs with that. I know some exist. It's a terrible bit of code. the connect/disconnect menu items don't work yet, I know. if you have any requests, please look at the TODO list first, but don't hesitate to let me know if something should be on there that isn't. Oh, last thing, I changed to having a development and stable release packages on SF. If anyone knows how to get releases from one package into a different one, please let me know.


Oct 18, 2004

0.4-pre3 is available for public consumption. It should now be usable by all you Gemstone players. I guess no one from Gemstone was using it before. The new features in this release are macros and fixes to if_ and shift in scripts.

Oct 10, 2004

I haven't done much in the way of features lately, but the preferences code is changed again. Should fix the problem that was reported under Fedora Core 2. If not, I guess I'll have to look into it deeper. I added CVS info to this website. Check out the link in the menu at the top. Feel free to test CVS and report bugs you find in it. It should typically run and compile, but don't expect it to be as polished as the actual releases.


Oct 4, 2004

So 0.4-pre1 is out. enjoy. Druid is gone again and the functionality has been merged into warlock. DR changed how they handle disconnect, so that required some bug fixing. also the default highlights have no color currently so... watch out for that.

progress towards 0.4
Sept 18, 2004

SGE functionality has been integrated into warlock, so no more ugly druid. 5 points to whoever can tell me why 0.3-rc2 was so much bigger than 0.3-rc1. because the version I have now is about the same size as rc2 and it no longer has druid. We're progressing pretty steadily with the TODO list. If anyone has a feature they'd really like to see in 0.4 that isn't on the todo list, please send me an email. I'll be on vacation for about a week, but progress will continue when I get back.

it's the time none of you thought would ever arrive
Sept 11, 2004

The release of 0.3!

so go out and grab it. what's new since 0.3-rc3. lots... highlights work for one. no more libxml2 dependency. new dependency on pcre. highlights should be much more fun now as they're perl based rather than posix. oh, there were some build issues with rc3 that are resolved. things are just all around more polished now. okay, time to break things in preparation of 0.4-pre1. Enjoy!

Sept 3, 2004

After quite a bit of work in bringing Druid up to date with changes in simu_connection, it's working again. I guess we were in the past stripping out newlines in there, but not anymore.

Also rc1 had a major installation problem that I hadn't noticed. rc2 is a bit better tested. Please be gentle with druid. It's not very robust because I'm going to integrate it into warlock for 0.4, but it's better than nothing.

Oh, btw Warlock 0.3-rc2 is on the downloads page, go check it out.

PS. I forgot to change the path for warlock back to something sane. Anyway, warlock needs to be in your path when you run druid. rc2 was looking in my home directory, please try rc3, which I just uploaded to correct this. I'd say sorry, but no one has downloaded it. :)

about Druid
Sept 1, 2004

It occurs to me that this is no current version of Druid available. Marshall was going to release Druid 1.0 to coincide with Warlock 0.3. Perhaps I should make getting Druid functionality into Warlock a higher priority and try to get that in for 0.3. For now I'm going to release 0.3-rc2 in a short while with the old version of Druid ready to be built and installed. Also I started saving whether you have the arrival window, etc. open. And I'll save the window size too. I think 0.3-rc2 should be ready to be released as 0.3, but I would really appreciate some feedback.

getting ready for 0.3
Sept 1, 2004

Okay, so I have together something that I think is releasable. I'm testing it out right now. If everything goes as planned, I'll put it up here as 0.3-rc1, then people (or maybe no one), can test it out, and if all goes smoothly, it can be released as 0.3. After that, I'll start working towards 0.4. Yes, I know my plans are much less grandiose than Marshall's, but I'd like to get something usable out there now (actually, I wanted to by last christmas, but quiting DR hindered that).

That worked out sub-par, but I fixed the distribution and am trying it again. Okay, it worked. Scripts still don't stop when they should. I think I've just fixed that. Let's try this again. Okay, it's fixed.

I've uploaded Warlock 0.3-r1 the "Bite the Bullet" release, because I'm listening to Motorhead right now. Click on the download link above. I suppose since the documentation is limited I need to say some things. You'll need gtk+ 2.4 which you can find at gtk.org and you'll need libxml2 (if you find an old version that doesn't work, let me know and I'll see what versions do) which you can find at xmlsoft.org, libgc which you can find at this site, and gconf which should be included with gnome, or you can get the source. As always, you should check your distribution for development versions of this software before installing from source.

me again
Aug 31, 2004

Lots of work done today. As you may notice the website is looking slightly sharper. if you find any broken links, let me know and I'll fix them.

I finished up porting to gconf. There's a few more minor things I need to do (the dialog doesn't change if gconf settings change externally), but it's a hell of a lot nicer than what we had before. Names need to wait until I redo the highlights. I might do a thorough job on that and push some stuff from 0.4 back. I want to get 0.3 out either tonight or tomorrow depending on whether SF comes back up or not. Then 0.4 out in 2 weeks. --Sean

Long time, no see
Aug 30, 2004

Hi everybody, Sean here.

I've hijacked your beloved website. Anyway, moved everything to divs. Maybe Marshall had something to build this, but this div thing is easier for me to modify. (Die tables! Die!)

Anyway, the news you've been waiting for, Warlock is back in action. Over the past couple of days I moved it over to libglade and fixed a bug in the scripting code. I'm moving the preferences to gconf and once that's done, and I implement this name bit (names for highlights in addition to normal highlights), so we can filter out arrival lines that don't have names, I think I'll release what I have as 0.3.

I don't think Marshall has his CVS repository up anymore. I'll commit what I have to the SF CVS in a few days. The code could be a bit better commented, I'm sorry about that. If anyone is interested in that, let me know and I'll go through and comment stuff better (ignore the highlight code, it's a mess right now and I'm going to change it a lot for 0.4 or whatever comes next).

Some new tidbits
nov 24 2003

Apologies for the 2 weeks without a single blip. Sean and I have been working hard on getting Warlock 0.3 and Druid 1.0 ready for your consumption :). First of all, I would like to officially welcome three new members to our project. These names are in no particular order: Check out the Contact page for their contact info. Currently our CVS version of Druid is running under both Gtk2.0 and KDE very well. Warlock 0.3 has also incorporated some very nice new features including regex string highlighting, and an XML configuration backend. For those daring enough, CVS is in high gear with lots of pseudo working code ;).

First Warlock 1.0 screenshot
nov 10 2003

take a step back, this might amaze you.
we also have a new screenshot of warlock 0.3 in in all it's Gtk2.0 glory.

Warlock 0.3 CVS
nov 9 2003

The work in progress warlock-0.3 module has been put in CVS for your testing pleasures.

This is the original warlock codebase written by me (marshall) and being ported to gtk 2.0 and enhanced by sean. Warlock 0.3 final and Druid 1.0 will be released soon as a hold over for Warlock 1.0.

Warlock 1.0 is coming
nov 3 2003

After many delays, Warlock 1.0 and Druid 1.0 are finally in active development. We have a CVS server setup here where we are constantly checking in new changes.

If you'd like to Browse the CVS Repository online, please click this link:
Browse CVS Repository

If you'd like to give our highly experimental/alpha code a test run you can click on the Downloads link above for instructions on checking out the Warlock and Druid modules from CVS
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